Hello, I'm Chanze.

Owner of Chanze Ashorn Photography.

I spent most of my life in a small East Texas town, called Grapeland. Yes, you read that right. Grape-land. Population of 1400, before moving to Houston Texas. After the shock wore off, I embraced Houston.

I met my husband there.

Our children were born there.

Our families live there.

And it's there that i truly found my love for Photography.  


In June 2019 we opened a new chapter in Austin!

Although everything special didn't happen here

We are making new memories.

We have really fallen in love with the scenery, and the kindness of our cOmmunity!

For me, taking your picture is just an excuse to be your friend.  

There’s probably someone somewhere that says I have too much fun, but i figured that if I can make you comfortable, and bring out that raw chemistry, or just your goofy side while I'm pointing a camera in your direction 

it will show!

If you like tacos, babies, football and the outdoors, I can guarantee we will be friends ;) 

PS, enjoy some photos of my face, and my family <3

Some Artists include Alyssa Martin, Chelsey Pillow, and Alayne Wade.

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