Hello! My name is Chanze! Owner & Photographer of Chanze Ashorn Photography.
I never know where to start, so i'll begin with the first thing I always think of when I think of myself, which is my family. I grew up with 4 brothers, a house full of boys is not for the faint of heart, it was full of farts, running away from some sort of prank & most definitely roughhousing. My childhood was filled with exploring, hunting and weeeknds on the water! My parents have always been such huge supporters in whatever their children sought out to do, and that is something I have always been so thankful for! I'm closest with my little brother, so much so that if you have used me as your wedding photographer, you have probably met him! He is my second shooter, we've been working weddings together since 2016! He's my reception guru!


I have been with my husband Justin, for nearly 8 years. From the very beginning he’s done nothing but support me through it all, he is truly the hardest working man I know.. We have 2 beautiful little babies. Their names are Paislee & Cade. Paislee is the oldest & is nothing but a little glitter ball of sass! Cade is mamas boy! He's my calm cuddle bug. Without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, they have helped shape me! You'll most likely meet them if you book an evening session with me! All they want to do is sit in the wagon, eat snacks and watch mama do her thing!

Justin & I love to watch movies and eat LOL. Fun fact, Justin and I had our first date in Jack in the box parking lot, sitting on his tailgate eating tacos and curly fries! Since we're being totally honest, looking back now it's one of my favorite memories!

We met in Houston back in mid 2013, in a little hole in the wall bar! We started our family and made our way to Hutto in 2019 where I completely changed things up with my business! I started with weddings early on in my career, having 2 kids changed the dynamic a little bit so when we made the move to the Austin area I decided to dive head first into maternity & newborns! Along the way I found myself falling in love with family sessions! SOOO here I am, loving all of the things that have to do with love and babies! I have an in home studio where 90% of my newborn sessions take place. I love it because I don't have to leave my home, & you also get to sit back and relax while I get some snuggles and pamper your sweet baby!

I’m self taught (with some help from photography groups, a mentor or 2 and of course other photographers i've met throughout the years!) I’ve been doing this professionally for 7 years. If someone asks me about myself if I’m not talking about my family I’m talking about photography, I genuinely love what I do and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Creating these special memories for families to look at for generations has me slightly obsessed

Don’t ever give up on your dreams! Before photography I dreamt of being a marine biologist, to this day I still find myself researching about marine life when I stumble across a story, or a species I haven't heard much about (lets face it, there's so many things in the ocean we have yet to even discover ) & believe it or not, I used to be an introvert! I had barely any social skills, and I could barely say hi to people, let alone pose and prompt during a session! Photography changed the game for me! I can talk to anyone now and have conversations about things we have in common or even just random nonsense! I like to be silly during my sessions and give a natural and raw feeling to the photos. Prompting quirky things like "kiss with your teeth" "tickle fiiiiiight" and my personal favorite "lets do a piggy back ride, now you have to try and buck her off!" are a few, but there are tons more that I love to cycle through! The amount of friends I have made doing photography is insane and I can’t thank everyone enough for supporting (even in the beginning when my work wasn’t the best)

Now that you know about my family and my business I guess now you should get to know me personally! Knowing me will help you decide if I’m the photographer for you!

I’m definitely a little bit of a nerd! I love video games, If I had to pick a favorite it would be Gears of War! & as mentioned above, I love marine biology! I'm absolutely obsessed with bioluminescence!
I am a movie lover no doubt, but its so hard to pick a favorite, so i'll just tell you my favorite actor... Jeff Bridges!

I spend my mornings at the gym, I used to have to make myself get up and go but I've learned to love it. It helps relieve stress, and makes me feel strong af so it's another hobby these days!

Other than that, I really love spending quality time with my babies, we're constantly out with them, letting them experience all of the fun things life has to offer! A lot of the things we've taken them to do have been firsts for me also, which makes it that much more enjoyable!

& oh yeah! Mexican food is the way to my heart.

A HUGE thank you Alyssa Martin Photography for these beautiful photos of me, and below you'll find more from Alyssa, and personal work of my babies!