Hello, I'm Chanze.

Owner of Chanze Ashorn Photography.

I spent most of my life in a small East Texas town, called Grapeland. Yes, you read that right. Grape-land. Population of 1400, before moving to Houston Texas. After the shock wore off, I embraced Houston.

I met my husband there.

Our children were born there.

Our families live there.

And it's there that i truly found my love for Photography.  


In June 2019 we opened a new chapter in Austin!

Although everything special didn't happen here, we are making tons of new memories.

We have really fallen in love with the scenery, and the kindness of our community and I do believe that this area will be where we stay! I couldn't picture us living anywhere else and loving it as much as we love it here.

For me, taking your photo is just an excuse to be your friend.  

There’s probably someone somewhere that says I have too much fun, but i figured that if I can make you comfortable, and bring out that raw chemistry, or just your goofy side while I'm pointing a camera in your direction, 

it will show!

I find myself often making the silliest of noises to get those kiddos giggling.

I take pride in being a fun, outgoing, goofy mom to my kids, and I try to bring that energy with me to every session. 


I love making my expectant mamas feel their best, and at ease with their beautiful bumps. I know it's sometimes hard watching your body change but when you can close your eyes and see yourself snuggling that new baby it makes it all worth it. Us mamas, we go through hell! From the start, to the finish. My goal for every session is for the mama to see the beauty in herself, to see that she is a strong, powerful woman who is beautiful and ready to conquer the world!

We do everything for our babies. We go through 9 months of sharing our body, hours of labor, months of no sleep and using our body to feed them, and then turn around and spend a lifetime longing for them to be little again! 

For me, watching my babies grow is so hard, each day they need me a little less.. It's bittersweet but I also get to watch them grow into kind, caring human beings. I sit in amazement sometimes just watching them be kids.
I love watching the uniqueness in every child, sitting back and watching them be themselves through my lens is so rewarding!


Please enjoy some photos of myself and my family!

Some Artists include Alyssa Martin, Chelsey Pillow, and Alyssa Henderson.

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